WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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      Kratom Omaha

      Kratom Omaha

      There are excellent reasons Omaha is a beautiful place to be. It's great for someone looking to live in a large city with a low cost of living, reasonably priced top notch homes across different neighborhoods, plentiful employment opportunities, and a thriving business environment. It's also an excellent place to start and raise a family, somewhere relaxed and not over-populated—a modern metropolis with small-town charm.

      A st in Omaha


      The culture is incredibly vibrant, with open-minded and forward-thinking people who have high regard for privacy and civil rights. Something controversial yet useful as Kratom is accepted. Learn more about Kratom here! 

      What is Kratom

      Kratom (Mitragyn speciosa) comes from the family Rubiaceae. It is indigenous to Southeast Asian countries, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. These countries have used it as an active ingredient in traditional medicine and health practices since a century ago.

      There are three major kratom strains, and these Kratom side strains have varying potencies and use. First, the red-veined ones are known to have the most potent sedative and pain-relieving use. Second, the green-veined ones are the most clinically useful but have medium efficacy. Third, the white-veined ones which are more famous for their highly stimulating effects.

      kratom plant


      Herbs such as Kratom are famous for their natural, powerful, holistic healing properties since the old days. Its roots are in Ayurvedic treatment's foundations, which boosts the mind, body, and spirit to keep your health and robust strength. It preserves balance and wellness as a preventive measure rather than a cure for diseases.

      How Does Kratom Work

      According to research, Kratom's active ingredients are chemicals known as mitragynine and 7-a-hydroxymitragynine. These two bind themselves to the brain's opioid receptors in effect, causing pain relief, sedation, and pleasure. Technically speaking, it is not an opioid drug, although very similar to codeine and morphine. The same chemical which causes analgesic effects can also act as a stimulant by attaching to other receptor systems in the brain.

      People who consume Kratom in small portions describe it as a warm feeling. There was also an increase in energy level, sociability, and alertness instead of sedation. However, it is bitter, sedating, and cool in higher doses. In extreme doses, it may affect or cause conditions of the heart, lungs, large intestines, and liver. Addiction concerns are also surfacing as claimed.

      Clinical Uses and Benefits of Kratom

      There are many methods in which people use or consume the Kratom plant. You can chew on the leaves like a real Thai native, smoke them, vape them, take them as a supplement in the form of Kratom capsules, extract or make an invigorating tea with Kratom powders.

      In alternative medicine, the Kratom powder and extracts are used for their opioid-like pain-relieving effects with lesser to no adverse side effects when taken appropriately, just like CBD oils. There are also reports claiming Kratom as an effective remedy for chronic pain. Other than that, its uses include but are not limited to helping as an anti-anxiety herb, a mild anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, relieve fatigue and help promote relaxation for disease sufferers. It has the potentials similar to CBD oils. But care should be practiced when taken in conjunction with other medicine due to the risk of chemical interactions.


      Kratom products are yet to gain approval from the US FDA for depression and anxiety remedy. Some US cities have laws against its use.

      A little warning to new Kratom users, a low dosage is recommended, considering your body's reaction for optimum benefits before slowly increasing to higher doses.

      You also need to note other substances you take with it, your age, weight, mood, and dosing accuracy since effects are also dependent on these. Too much Kratom may lead one to experience symptoms like nausea and dizziness as side effect, so one should be careful when taking Kratom supplements, especially with the more potent Kratom strain.

      Kratom and Vaping

       Electronic cigarette devices are born thanks to the objective of a cleaner and harmless way to smoke. It makes use of vaporized flavored liquid over conventional cigarettes' burning components as a means to facilitate nicotine inhalation.

      The invention became a big hit. But what makes vape products more interesting than adding an even healthier twist to the flavor experience than by using herbs such as Kratom as one of its juice additives.

      Kratom users have been actively looking to incorporate the fantastic benefits of vaping with the different strains of quality Kratom products that you can find in the market. Kratom leaves are a great source of alkaloids, which are a better substitute for nicotine when vaped. It allows for faster absorption in the bloodstream. Many vapers claim almost immediate pain relief and a feeling of calmness.

      One should consider the level of Kratom concentration when they vape as high amounts can pose risks to the vaper's health. The first step to safety is to find quality stores with top notch Kratom items. Thanks to an open-minded city like Omaha, NE it's not difficult to find reliable smoke shops selling products at reasonable prices with capable work guys. 

       Where to Buy Kratom in Omaha

       For people interested in trying high quality vapes with Kratom, going to a reliable shop is good advice. And there are tons of stores excited to make the sale in Omaha. You can have work guys personally provide any information on the best Kratom products and giving you only the best for your Kratom vaping needs. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the kind of products you take!

      There are also online smoke shops. You can quickly leaf through the vast array of individual products or product categories and their specifications. With time in your hands to weigh choices through information on prices, shipping, and the kind of experience a quality Kratom can emit, online shops can provide options. You can email these stores for orders.

      But shopping online will have its downside, too, as you don't get to scrutinize the product personally. So for safety purposes, going to physical store will be more advantageous when buying crucial items.


      Omaha is laid-back. The culture is rich and friendly. Despite being a conservative state, there is a high regard for privacy and civil rights. Even the use of an herb product as Kratom, which is deemed controversial despite its many known benefits, is accepted.

      Kratom originating from Southeast Asian countries practicing Ayurvedic medicine have various use and form. From Kratom capsules with fresh Kratom powder, many product categories are available from stores looking to make a sale and all at an affordable price.

      You've just read what you need to know about Kratom. Having reliable information is always vital!

      Disposable Vapes Omaha

      Electronic cigarette devices are born for a cleaner and safer way to smoke using vaporized flavored liquid over conventional tobacco products. The invention became a big hit. Nothing could compare to its ingenuity until the start of the year 2020 brought disposable vapes, otherwise termed as disposables, into the market.

      Since they're production, they've become one of the best deals you can get from your favorite vape store.

      Disposables and Your Health

      There has been a prolonged discussion among various concerned communities, regarding any significant difference in health effects between conventional cigars and e-cigars. Birth defects are on top of the talks.

      Through study findings, the medical community has stated that versus smoking conventional cigarettes, vaping is at least ninety-five percent safer. Shocking news! There is no combustion, tar, or ash. The product's design aims to give the smoking customer a familiar feeling with smoking cigarettes yet without the burning that go with the traditional tobacco.

      But given that nicotine is an addictive chemical present in vape products, Food and Drug Administration mandates products should bear a warning this product contains nicotine, no matter the nicotine level in it.

      birth defects


      A Product for Convenience

      With the existence of disposable e-cigs, vaping experience can only get more exciting. As the epitome of convenience itself, these disposables are draw-activated. You only need to start puffing to use them and once the e-liquid runs out - throw them away. No refilling of tank! Puff bar is one the brands you can try out if you're new.


      Disposable Vapes and Where to Find Them

      There are plenty of terrific stores to choose from to purchase your vaping starter kits and other vaping needs in Omaha. You can search through each of the shop's website and call customer service for any additional inquiries and help about a product you are interested in. Add to your shopping cart everything you like from the shop, and wait for their delivery.

      You can opt to visit physical stores to see their selection of products from tanks to cartridges and different mods.

      image of e-cig


      A Product for Starters

      What better way for customers to enjoy disposable vapes like taking puffs from colorful Puff Bars.

      For newbies, this is an excellent recommendation for disposable e-cigarettes. The design is almost the same as that of a flash drive. The mechanism is that cartridges carrying e-juice or e-liquid inside are heated up to make vapor. Also, it is worth mentioning that this device is meant for single use only, meaning each Puff Bar cannot be recharged or refilled and once the vapor is out, throw it out. Such is the lifecycle of a disposable.

      Puff Bars make use of nicotine salts. These kinds of formulas deliver the substance in a more efficient manner and at much higher levels. As a warning, anyone who would want to try it should be aware of their nicotine levels as they puff. Each puff bar can have approximately 300 puffs with a selection of exciting juice flavors. You can try Pink Lemonade or Blueberry Ice offered in reasonable prices.



      Hopefully, each of the sections has allowed you to discover more about disposable e-cigs. And the aim to give enlightenment over all of the confusion and misconceptions about disposable vapes has been achieved. For those who smoke or want to start, vaping is the same amount of fun, less complicated stuff.

      What is Kava?

      What is Kava?

      Have you ever heard of Kava? You may have heard your friends say they have tried it in the past or that they have heard of it when they where in Florida, or possibly on a vacation to the Fiji Islands. However if you are in Midwestern community, such as Omaha, Nebraska you very well may have never heard of Kava before, and that would be completely understandable as most people are unfamiliar with what Kava is or what benefits the roots of the Kava plant have to offer us.


      What is Kava?

      Kava is a plant that originates in Pacific Island country’s like Polynesia, Hawaii, Vanuatu, and parts of Micronesia. Kava is in the Nightshade family of plants, other plants that belong to this family that you might be more familiar with are Tomato, Eggplant, Potato, Goji Berry, and some Pepper plants (this is what kava is related to). Kava can also go by the names of ‘kava kava’ ‘Kawa Kawa’ ‘Tonga’ & ‘Ava’; The scientific name for the kava plant is ‘Piper Methysticum’. The root of the kava plant is where the compound that provides you the benefits are stored in the highest density in the plant. The benefits to the human body that are provided by the kava plant come from the compound known as kavalactones.

       Kava, kavalactones, kava kava, Kava omaha


      How is Kava Used?

      The rootstock of the plant is where the kavalctones are the most concentrated in the plant, and this is the part of the plant most used in the kava products that are available on the market. Once the plant is harvested the roots are taken from the plant and peeled and then typically crushed into a paste, that past is then mixed with water, strained and consumed. People have chewed on the plant to release the kavalactones and some still do where the kava plants grow naturally. Kava is most widely available in three forms; Capsules, Powder, or Micronized Powder. The kavalactones create a mild intoxicating feeling for the user. Many consumers of kava say they feel relaxed, happy, & calm while using kava. Kava is also being used for relief from sore muscles and the research is still being done for many other potential medicinal uses.


      Kava Tea, Kava Omaha, Kava Kava, Kava Root, Kava powder, Kava Near Me

      What Is The Difference Between CBD and Kratom?

      What Is The Difference Between CBD and Kratom?

      You may have noticed that we carry a product in our store called "Kratom".  A lot of you might already know what Kratom is but we feel a majority of people don't. Our goal is to inform you on what Kratom is; things to consider before taking Kratom and the difference between CBD and Kratom.

      What is Kratom?

      Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asian that is cultivated for it's leafs. Each strain of Kratom contains different rich properties of flavonoids and alkaloids. These rich properties are normally found in fruits and vegetables that we eat. Mitragyna speciosa, better known as Kratom comes in different strains. Each strain has different concentrated properties and are know for their names. In addition, there are 3 different strains that we feel are essential to know:  

      Green Maeng Da Kratom

      Green Maeng Da

      This is a top-shelf Kratom product. Green Maeng Da has high active flavonoids and alkaloids properties. It is grown in Southeast Asia and and a well loved product among our Kratom users. It is available in capsules or powdered form. 

      Red Maeng Da Kratom

      Red Maeng Da

      Another strain of Kratom is Red Maeng Da that has highly active flavonoids and alkaloids. It is also grown in Southeast Asia and a very popular strain among Kratom users. You can also find Red Maeng Da in capsules or powdered form. 

      White Maeng Da Kratom

      White Maeng Da

      A more versatile strain of Kratom is White Maeng Da. It is well-known for having high amounts of flavonoids and alkaloids compared to other strains of Kratom. It is also grown in the Southeast Asia region and very popular due to it's rich properties. You will also be able to find this strain in capsules or powdered forms.

      Differences Between CBD and Kratom

      There are many differences between CBD and Kratom. The first major difference is where it's sourced from. Our CBD is grown in the U.S while Kratom is grown in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. This is because Kratom grows best in tropical warm climates. CBD belongs to the Hemp family while Kratom belongs to the coffee bean family.

      CBD contains rich properties such as CBDA, CBG, CBN, THC etc. Kratom contains different rich properties such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. It is important to note that Kratom's compounds interact with the body’s opioid receptors similar to morphine and codeine. CBD is legal in every state of the U.S but Kratom has restrictions in certain states and counties.

      Why Kratom?

      We decided to open up a lifestyle store called Remediez which carries Kratom, CBD, Glass sold in store only; Vape Juice, Nicotine Salts and other products sold both in store and online. A lot of people use Kratom as a holistic approach so we decided as innovators in providing lifestyle products that it would be appropriate. Our goal is to provide you with products that we feel people are searching for but can't find a reliable vendor. Just like CBD we encourage you to do your own research to decide wether or not Kratom is a good option for you.